Crow Holdings Capital – Investment Partners (CHC–Investment Partners) provides investment strategy and implementation for partner families, focusing on wealth preservation with capital appreciation. The firm’s leaders build on their successful integration of the Trammell Crow family’s portfolio from a heavy concentration in illiquid asset classes to a diversified wealth preservation strategy, resulting in a truly durable investment institution.

Overview & Mission

CHC–Investment Partners provides customized investment advice and aligns portfolio strategy to a partner family’s priorities for the future. The firm’s culture of partnership, co-investment, and shared knowledge benefits all partner families and helps secure their legacies. It does so with a focus on four defining attributes: a cooperative approach, a family perspective, best-in-class service, and investment confidence.

  • A Cooperative Approach

    The firm’s culture of co-investment promotes alignment and shared interests – crucial factors in providing optimal solutions for partner families. Shared knowledge, industry contacts, and combined financial power yield unique investment opportunities and pricing advantages.

  • A Family Perspective

    Partner families benefit from our team’s journey taking the Trammell Crow family from a highly-concentrated real estate portfolio to a diversified, wealth preservation strategy. CHC–Investment Partners possesses intimate knowledge of the complexities of serving families, with experience designing and implementing solutions that reconcile often competing needs.

  • Best-in-Class Service

    CHC–Investment Partners is deeply engaged in meeting the needs of partner families through dedicated and tailored service, including accessibility and customization. This includes coordination with a partner family’s network of advisors: tax, legal, and estate planning, among others.

  • Investment Confidence

    The firm’s track record of diversification, capital growth, and preservation allows partner families to maintain focus on personal and professional interests. Successful outcomes are driven by a dedicated investment culture and experience working alongside leading asset managers around the world.